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The 5 Best Company Profile Examples in 2020 That Stand Out

Being positively different or unique in a highly competitive market makes a brand stand out from other companies of the same nature, business concept and offerings. In an ever-changing and increasingly information-saturated world, the personality of your business must resonate to reach out and build your target client base. Your products or services will only become effective when you strategically convey clear and important information to your audience. Consumers nowadays are becoming wiser in choosing companies that they can trust so make sure to invest in a professional Company Profile Writing Help who are experts in producing compelling and appealing content supported by reliable information that will make your business distinguished from others.


A company profile, if written well, is a great tool to represent the brand image and values of your business as it reinforce your authority and credibility within a respective industry or niche. In this short article, let us explore some of the ways on how highly reputed brands like Zappos, Philips, Starbucks, HubSpot and Bloomberg strategically designed and written their brand profile.


  1. Develop the right tone of voice: Remember that the reason why you are creating a company profile is to communicate your brand message to your target audience. Therefore, make sure that you have a complete understanding on how you can approach all levels of persona. Study their characteristics, behaviors and preferences so you can have an idea on what voice characteristic you can portray. For example, you can use a tone of being passionate, quirky, authentic, and many more. Moreover, the right “color” and “design” of your profile can also have an outstanding inbound effect as it proliferates.
  2. Make it simple, straightforward and informative: Make sure that you have the right blend of content as a company profile that is too short or too lengthy can create a negative impact to you as a business. Avoid unnecessary and redundant content and focus on important points that can effectively sell your company in the right way. The content of your profile should answer the questions of your audience in mind which include details on who you are, what you are offering and how you came up with the business along with your accomplishments over the years. In short, deliver a sufficient amount of information that they can easily digest within a short span of time.
  3. Connect readers with a story: People love reading stories most especially if it’s something that interests them. Ensure that your profile is personalized and make readers to be within your standpoint so they can have a glimpse of how the company started and what propelled you to come up with the concept of the business. You can hire a reliable Company Profile Writing Help who are skilled in condensing content while maintaining a compelling story.
  4. The last stage and one of the most important steps in creating a company profile is to have another pair of eye to double check or proofread the overall document. One of the things that you need to accomplish here is to identify any error in the flow of content, grammars, spellings, punctuations and many more. Ensure that everything is polished and reviewed before publishing your company profile. In addition, getting feedback, opinion or suggestion from another set of eyes will also help you to identify areas of improvement to make your profile more appealing and impactful.


We are looking forward that the above steps mentioned can ensure that your company profile will set you apart from the competition and create the right traction for your brand.


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