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7 Creative Company Profile Examples to Inspire You

Having an attractive company profile writing and design creates a lasting, first impression on reader’s mind to represent your distinguished image from other businesses. It is not just about what you say, but it’s also about how you say it through an engaging and interesting storytelling. It is through a company profile that you can demonstrate your ethics value and belief in order to connect with your target audience.

In this blog article, we will discover some of the most inspiring company profile examples to make you realize that it will be an effective tool to build your credibility and win customers’ trust. Take professional assistance from highly experienced writers or seek reliable Help in Writing Company Profile Services. For now, have a look at the following samples that might urge you to create one:

1. Starbucks Company Profile

If you take a look of Starbucks’ company profile, you will notice that it has everything in it, including the business’ mission, inspiring storyline, product offerings, ambience of the store and the tale behind its name. In today’s increasing competition in the market, Starbucks offer a common household product which is “coffee”. However, they have managed to set themselves apart from others through communicating their mission and core values in a very genuine and extravagant approach that helps them to connect with their audience.

2. Nordstrom Company Profile

The business has a fascinating story to tell because of its long history over successful decades. It was creatively demonstrated through a visual timeline with a good balance of text and image that highlights the growth and stability of the company. The approach of the storytelling is very inspirational and personal, yet written in a highly professional manner.

3. Diehl Group Architects Company Profile

If you take a look at Diehl Group Architects web page, they use clickable boxes to divide different topics which make the overall look and feel very clean and user-friendly. Readers will be able to easily choose which subject they’d like to learn further. In addition, you will notice that the design of the company profile resembles a floor plan which reflects the nature of the business.

4. Bloomberg Company Profile

Bloomberg uses a different approach in promoting their company profile. Through a creatively-made video, it was easier to tell the company of the story and promote their products and services at the same time. Moreover, we will also notice that Bloomberg really knows their target audience through in-depth analysis and research. As a result, they are able to provide a few quick statistics then link to the other parts of the page.

5. Nike Company Profile

Nike knows the purpose of their business and they understand the strategies to communicate the message of their brand. If you will open up their company profile, you will be shown a video that promotes inclusivity regardless of age, gender and nationality. Their strong focus revolves around “fitness” and “people”. They focus more on highlighting global initiatives that embodies diversity and inclusion, as well as showing how their business program becomes more progressive and sustainable over the years with slight highlights on the products they are offering.

6. Seattle Cider Company Profile

The purpose of company profile is to draw your readers closer to your business and Seattle Cider pulls of a fun graphics that displays the company’s cider process. Important information about the product is shown before highlighting its mission and values. They understand the major concern of the target audience and tackle those details with great focus.

7. Delta Company Profile

Organized topic, clear core values, engagement with the community and story of sustainability are important information that Delta focuses on their company profile. Using simple and uncluttered approach, readers find it easier to learn more about their business and services.


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