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What is a Company Profile? What Must I Include In It?

Company profile is used by many businesses as a marketing tool to create an outstanding first impression on potential customers, as well as attract partnerships or investors. It entails the overall description of essential information about the business which ideally includes the company name, contact details, business location, management, products and services, sales data, financial projections, operational information and other relevant information that can be useful to reach a particular audience.

In this article, we will discuss these elements in details and know its importance why you should include it on your company profile.

  • Cover: This is the first thing that your reader will see so make sure that it is strategically designed in order to capture the attention of your target customers or investors. You can put an enticing image which is related to the nature of the business, along with the logo of the company and its tagline. It is very important that from the cover page of the company profile, people will already have an idea of what the business is all about.
  • Table of Contents: This will represent the overall structure of the company profile and for this reason it should be planned ahead of time. This will include proper sections and its order, number of pages and the layout.
  • Foreword: Ideally, it can be a message from the Director, CEO or Owner providing an overview of how the company started with its concept along with its objectives and brand’s personality.
  • Story of the Company: Apart from the design, it is also very important to bear in mind that a company profile should be able to tell its story in a very compelling and narrative way. Begin to incorporate content that includes the history of the company along with its current state, milestones, accomplishments and future goals.
  • Mission, Vision & Core Values: Always remember that your goals and core values should come through your target reader by using an inspiring image that is significant to the industry and vision. In case that you are still in the process of developing your core values, mission and vision, you can approach a professional Short Company Profile Writing in the UAE to receive an expert advice and guidance.
  • People: The human factor serves an instrumental role in establishing credibility and the overall success of the company. Showcase the expertise, achievement and track record of the management and its employee so the reader can develop their trust in your company.
  • Portfolio: The purpose of this section is to showcase the strengths and capabilities of the business by using high quality and professional images to represent each product or service offerings. You can also incorporate brief description of each photo in chronological and alphabetical way along with the year, location, function and specifications.
  • Achievements: Showcase a concise summary of the company’s good financial health along with its major achievements. It provides partners or investors to get them interested about your business. In addition, incorporating the geographical overview of the business scope will be a great value to be added on the company profile.
  • Contact Details: This is a very important part of the company profile as it provides information on how interested readers can contact you easily. Therefore, make sure that only updated address, phone number, email address, website and social media accounts are included in your company profile.

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