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How much does a company profile design cost?

Aside from the actual design, the first thing that a customer will ask about is how much will it cost to make a company profile? Or how much does a company profile design cost? What they need to understand is that they are offering a professional service that’s why it is expected that it is likely to be expensive. The good thing about it is that they are providing a high-quality company profile. The cost breakdown is from detail to detail and it is totally worth a single penny. Writing services in Dubai are transparent to their customers. They make sure that they are giving satisfaction at the end of their deal. It is proven to be effective as successful transactions is continually made and behind the success of some companies in Dubai, is the highly-skilled professionals who successfully executed the company profile design. To discuss the cost of a company profile design, we give you the percentage breakdown of the four aspects that should be considered when making a company profile design.

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  • The 10% goes to Research. 

Writing services in Dubai will give a form for you to fill up. This is the important details that need to be included in your company profile. You have to make sure that you are giving a precise detail.


  • The biggest part of the cost which is 50% is for the design. 

The purpose of trusting the writing services in Dubai is to take your company profile design to the next level. This is highly recommended to seek assistance from the experts because designs are one of the factors to consider in persuading your prospects to avail your products/services. Experts use application software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and other software that can make your company profile more appealing. 


  • 20% is for the Copywriting. 

Writing enthusiasts should possess linguistic skills to properly manage the company profile of their clients. Copywriters are paid to highlight the content about the company and consider the target audience’s readability. 


  • The last 20% is for the final output which is for the printing.

Writing services in Dubai offers a different papers for printing, you may decide what paper should be use, but we suggest to leave it to the experts, they know exactly what’s best for your profile. You can have your company profile in matte lamination, gloss lamination, spot UV or Hot-stamping.

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