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Top 10 Difference between Academic and Business Writing

Writing is a primary way to get a task done in today’s collaborative world. It is communication involving your thoughts and skills that present you as to how you understand a certain situation or topic. Just like in business, when you are writing about a business, you are starting to build assumptions that, may greatly affect the sales and marketing section. Business writing is a targeted form of writing designed to facilitate clear communication within and between private organizations, their peers, and their customers to produce the target business results. A well done written proposal leads to more revenue. Another writing tactic that is very essential for students is academic writing. 


Academic writing is a tool of communication that conveys knowledge and in a specific field that you are studying. Writing academically will help students compromise, gather information, think critically, and focus on strategies and styles. It trains the students to look from a different perspective. To think objectively is a useful skill for students to be observant early on in life, as they see things objectively, which means they will benefit in real life. We cannot deny the fact that some are struggling in writing. Maybe because they are more expressive in reading and sharing their thoughts afterward than writing. Good thing, there is company profile making services that help both students and professionals to submit well-structured academic and business writing papers. They offer 100% guaranteed non-plagiarized content. The writers willingly consider your paper requirements. To further elaborate academic and business writing, we suggest continuing to read this blog. We listed below the ten differences in academic and business writing.

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  1. Academic writing is generally done as a college requirement for students. It is to discuss a topic and to inform viewers about a certain subject area. Its purpose is to inform the readers of what you are trying to convey through educational aspects. Business writing is for business owners to get something done or changed. The purpose of business writing is to recommend actions to improve the management of a business, or it is also possible to make a deal and engage in a business partnership.


  1. The most common academic writing paper’s content is to inform, so, it is information-based content. It can also be argumentative since in academic writing, we have different perceptions, and we want to share them by writing our stand and own understanding. It can be confusing sometimes because it is crucial with long procedures. Business writing has a direct point content where you are only sharing the main information, no other discussion, just your intention, and straight facts. 


  1. You need to impress your classmates and professors when you are working with your academic paper while in business writing, you need to get the attention of a larger group including the clients, stakeholders, potential investors, and other professionals that may be interested in your business. 


  1. Since you are a student, you need to follow the university guidelines when it comes to academic writing. Sometimes it takes 2-3 pages but most of the time, they require several pages. Business writing has no specific requirement when it comes to length; you are free to stop when you think you already serve your point.


  1. An academic paper is required as a part of the requirements of the class. Each task is assigned by the professors. Students are strictly monitored by the school, and they should follow the guidelines set by the instructors. Business writing is your choice. You want something to be done that’s why you are writing about your business. You get to set your guidelines.

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  1. An academic paper has a series of preparations based on an outline. It requires research and it is one important skill that you need to possess, you must be good at research. The business paper requires less preparation than an academic paper. It is something to develop and prepare for something new. A company profile making services are experts in the field of writing and research. They can balance their expertise in both skills that result in a high-quality and informative paper.


  1. In academic writing, students are required to write a complex sentence, the paragraph is long and crucial. You better consult a company profile making service to help and assist you in your academic requirement. Business writing is short and simple, mainly because, you are just trying to inform and convey your plans and potentials that you can show if your business will remain competitive. 


  1. Academic writing is more formal than business writing, it often uses a third person and passive voice while business writing is direct, brief, and it uses an active voice. 


  1. An academic paper is for exams, essays, journals, term papers, oral reports, thesis, research proposal, etc. while a business paper is for memos, proposals, formal letters, evaluations, business plans, marketing plans, reports, sales presentations, manuals, contracts, etc. 


  1. Academic writing establishes a knowledgeable yet inquiring tone that shows how they have gained their measure of control over the topic while business writing establishes a tone that represents the company project and that meets the expectations of their audience.

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